Like the crest of a peacock,
Like the naga-ratna on the hood of the Cobra,
So is Ganitha (Mathematics) at the head of all knowledge
- Vedaanga Jyothishaa (1st millennium, B.C.)
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Magicmaths Programme Info

Easy, Fast, 1-Step, No-paper, Mental Calculations

Aptitude Problems Solved in 10 seconds
No School Formulae; No school-methods

Fast Addition Subtraction Techniques
30 days Programme @ 10 minutes a day
For 8 yrs and above.
• Mental Addition & Subtraction [pdf - 97 pages]
• DOSS FAST MATHEMATICS [pdf - 57 pages]

Bhascara's Lilavati (1150 A.D.) - Including:
DossGanitha - Few Sample Pages

9 Chapters Book to be ready very soon!
Traces Numbers and Number Systems of the world
Preview (pdf files) As the book progresses

Srinivasa Ramanujan Genius + More
Few Simplified Ramanujan Results
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
Highly Composite Number
Ramaujan Number, Partition
Prime Numbers
Roots, Squares, Primes
Divisibility Tests (for larger primes), ...
Magic Squares
Odd & Even, Filling Methods, Patterns, ...
Sum Of Numbers & Series
Finite & Infinite Squares, Summation, ...
Traditional & Cultural Biography

Problems for All Ages

Prof. Doss
I am involved in the teaching of Mathematics since 1958, in various countries, in various capacities. I am still very directly involved in helping children, students and adults (preparing for competitive exams) with their mathemtics and with their fear and hatred of mathematics.

Mathematics is Hated & Feared
Today, everyone believes Mathematics is important, though for the wrong reasons. But everyone is also convinced that mathematics is very difficult, if not impossible.
            Children in 'developed' countries hate maths, while
            Children in 'developing' countries, like India, fear maths.

School Mathematics Is Made Difficult
Mathematics is intentionally made difficult. What is taught in Indian schools is NOT MATHEMATICS. Half of the first-year students in the Engineering Courses fail in maths. There are instances in Tamilnadu where children even suffer from suicidal tendencies due to the pressure they undergo with their unmanageable maths.

If any child still opts for, and shines in, Mathemtical Research, then he or she must be:
1. A Born Genius or
2. Gifted Mathematically at birth or
3. Fortunate to have a Mentor (a good teacher or one, or both, of his parents, etc.)

Citizens Suffer; Nations Lose Out
Almost every child (and their parents and grand-parents) suffer; Children do not reach their full potential in mathematical culture; and the nation loses out. India lags behind in Pure Sciences. It is time the cancer is diagnosed and the cancerous growth is removed.

MATHEMATICS - Classifications
The word 'Mathematics' is used from pre-KG upwards.

Perhaps MATHEMATICS may be taken to mean:
Yrs upto V: Complete (including mental) Number-crunching
Yrs VI-VIII: Arithmetic and Basics of Algebra, Geometry
Yrs IX, X: Algebra, Geometry, Introductory Trigonometry
Yrs XI,XII: More Trigonometry; and Calculus
Degree & Above: Everything and Anything else
Over 650 WORKSHOPS in India, Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka & Malaysia
(Look at the Raised Hands Even at The Far End! - Total Participation !!)
MUMBAI: Vivekanand Education Society Inst of Tech
"... theoretically sound, easy-to-learn, amazingly quick, universally applicable and delightfully interesting techniques of Magic Maths ... the entire VESIT community will always cherish (this enriching lecture)"

"Prof. Doss solves mathematical problems in a jiffy!"

KUALA LUMPUR: Jason Handery
e-mail on December 22, 2011.
"I attended the workshop Sir had in Brickfields, I will have to say that it was completely different from many other seminar/workshop I have ever been. Just want to say that thanks to Sir I learned many easy new ways to solve a complicated question, which usually took me at least 2-3 minutes with a 1-2 minutes mentally, sorry I still haven't practiced much so it's a little bit slow. Once again Thank you So Much for the Extraordinary Workshop Hope There will be More Nearby Kuala Lumpur again.."

The Star Malaysia (Dec 16, 2011)
[Magicmaths] ... "as easy as 1, 2, 3, ..."

SECUNDERABAD: Capt. N. Sridhar
"... The Book (Magic Maths) is a virtual "treasure trove." ... and my outlook towards Mathematics in particular has completely changed. ..."

... cure this (maths) phobia ... >>>>"

U.A.E.: Basil Mohammed Atchha
"I looked at your website and there is so much useful information there. I must say, the way these math problems are solved shows that there is never a single way to getting a answer, there’s always another way. I very much appreciate and admire your efforts towards better learning. I am very much looking forward to getting a hands on tutorial from you whenever you are in U.A.E.""

Dubai, UAE (18 11 2008)
"... calculations are done in one step, without using pen and paper ... >>>>"

"... such lengthy procedures are a waste of time, .... >>>>"
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